This is what I think about…job searching in news ways #ONO

  1. 3 questions. What is the impact you want to make? What skills can you make the impact with? Where do you want to make that impact? You can look up professionals on LinkedIn and Industry Experts to see what they do or do a career survey.
  2. Add “open to work” on your LinkedIn profile. That is, if you don’t mind your current employer know you are searching. Otherwise, have at it. This immediately alerts hiring managers and recruiters that you are actively seeking work. Also, make sure you add the 5 titles and locations you are interested in.
  3. Revise your headline and summary. Use keywords and hashtags that speak to the industry, field, and role you are seeking. Yes, algorithms are used and having this information listed directly on your headline is excellent promotion. In the summery be clear, concise and not overdo it with the kitchen sink :-)
  4. Sift through your personal and professional network. Literally ask everyone aligned in your network to help you get hired. Alignment simply means you are looking to share your intent with people who have worked for or are currently working in the exact field or role you want to. Personal networks already know you so it’s easier. Professional networks may not know you so you are asking them for support, their knowledge at their current companies or referral to their networks. Go ahead send them a message.
  5. Hang out where the influencers are. Are you in the groups? This can be Diversity sites, Twitter, LinkedIn, Industry Experts, and magazines in your field. Follow folx you respect, comment on posts or write an article about a niche topic in your field with a solution to a pain point. This gets you noticed.
  6. Research the DEIB in the company. In today’s movement, you should be checking to see what’s up with the company or organization. Which identities are represented on the board? Is the job description inclusion aligned? Did they post the salary range or salary? Seeing this information gives you some insight into the direction of the company.
  7. Reach out to a person working at the company now. It does not have to be in a department you seek. Why? These individuals can tell what the culture is like and give you intel you will not find from the interviewer. Ask them anything that you think would help you. You also have GlassDoor and Indeed that share insight. It is important that you learn information now so you don’t want to leave 6 months from hiring.
  8. Reach out directly to the hiring manager or job poster. You don’t have to actually have to be a 1st degree connection to reach out. On Twitter you can comment. I know most people probably would not do this. I have. You should, too. I did this when my resume bounced back twice and I reached out directly to the CEO. I mean, it was such a great company. So it works.
  9. Work with a recruiter that you are familiar with. Some may help at $0 cost and others may desire a cost. I can say this. There are lots of recruiters that offer great tips and have YouTube Channels that can help you. Just ask.



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LaTonya Davis, JD

LaTonya Davis, JD


I shift people from good intent to exceptional impact from the classroom to the boardroom! #Antiracism #DEIB #Autism