This is what I think about…how companies can move toward antiracism through racial equity

  1. Hire an outside Black or African American consultant(s) in this field for ongoing work (not just training). It matters the person or group is independent of the company/organization.
  2. Look on LinkedIn there are authentic, talented and impactful folx speaking, posting and leading all the time. Use #blacklinkedin or #diversityandinclusion.
  3. Find out their approach and vision for the work. Share information about you, your company/organization and concerns. All companies have budgets so pay equitably.
  1. All training must focus on the root cause: race, levels of racism and the impact.
  2. Differentiated training sessions should have mix of roles and identities in groups for some sessions and targeted to specific roles or identities for others.
  3. Invest in ongoing coaching for tier leaders including Affinity Group leaders, managers and directors, Chief of Diversity and Chief People Officer, Executive Leaders and Board (or related titles)
  1. Develop growth goals based on quantitative and qualitative data points.
  2. Ensure growth goals tie to core values.
  3. Design an action plan around board, executive leaders and employees action steps.
  4. Progress monitor and share data with the entire organization.
  5. Provide your Black/African American employees with training that would support healing from any workplace trauma



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LaTonya Davis, JD

LaTonya Davis, JD


I shift people from good intent to exceptional impact from the classroom to the boardroom! #Antiracism #DEIB #Autism